Business and Culture Transformation


Modern companies have completely transformed the way they attract, engage and retain top talent. Our experiences, along with data from our culture diagnostic tool, have unearthed the most important aspects of culture that the connected generation thrive in. Ideas are easy, execution is hard. NoW will guide you through the adoption of practices such as: remote and flexible work schedules; breaking down hierarchies; creating cross-functional collaborations; providing continuous feedback; creating a sense of belonging; embracing transparency and trust; and implementing the best in tech tools. We often refer to this program as “Modern HR” or “Building a People & Culture mindset”.


Even companies with NoW cultures must future proof their broader operations and strategic focus. Our proprietary operating system (the NoW OS) will transform the way you develop and cascade strategy, stay focused on measurable results, pivot based on market and team member intelligence, and maximize your priority and capacity planning. Your business will learn NoW methodologies on OKRs, scrum (sprinting) and hackathons that will empower a future proof business.

Leaders for the NoW

Developing leadership skills for a rapidly changing world is challenging in itself — but asking them to lead in a manner that also resonates with the connected generation can be daunting. We offer a 2-day crash course and/or a multi-month engagement that will equip your leaders with tools to elevate their impact and relationship with their teams and colleagues. NoW leverages the lessons from the 5-dysfunctions of teams with an added layer of how they can be applied in the NoW of Work.

Talent development

Organizations win with their people, and people want to win. Our research and experiences clearly point to talent development as one of the most powerful investments companies can make to create highly engaged “A-players” who are committed to the organization’s vision. Anchored on a NoW framework that any organization can adopt, this program will identify your team members strengths and areas of opportunity, while roadmapping their personal and professional development. From digital to soft skills for the NoW, our team specializes in building “just-in-time, micro, life-long learning” programs to help future-proof your talent.

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