The Future is NoW

…Are you ready?

Your journey starts NoW

The NoW of Work Inc. inspires and empowers organizations, and their people,
to thrive in our rapidly changing times.

Exponential technologies, the proliferation of a connected generation, and the rise of the sharing economy are changing our world at a pace never experienced before.

Unsurprisingly, many organizations and their leaders are stuck – with legacy technologies and operating systems, competing generational expectations of work, and a lack of clarity of how their customers and markets expectations are evolving. They are seeking more agile and innovative ways to operate their business, and inspire their people. Sound familiar?

From keynote speaking and business & culture transformation, to design thinking hackathons and corporate innovation development, the NoW of Work Inc. will co-design or accelerate your organization’s future-proofing initiatives.

No longer can people and companies wait for the Future of Work…the Future is NoW.