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Be the solution. Have your voice heard!


We’ve create a four week program that will be hosting by NoW Innovations, and featuring you. We believe the NoW of work doesn’t just recommend sharing and collaboration, but requires it. If we can learn and grow from each other, we know that together, we can shape the future of work and how people get fulfillment from it. The possibilities are endless, but only if we have people like you a part of the creation. See below for an overview of what you’ll get to be a part of each week.


You’ve already seen the Thought Exchange ribbon above, and if you clicked to contribute you know that you’re at the heart of everything we’re doing on the community page. Once we know where the hot topics are, we’ll be crowd-sourcing a member-based webinar that will have you both learn from, and be the expert on the topic of the month. This isn’t the NoW Innovations show, where you just hear from us; this is by the community, for the community, and we’re just the hosts.


Now that we know what the pains are and what some solutions might be from the webinar in week 1, we’ll bring in a subject matter expert to take a deeper dive into both the problem and the possible solutions. You’ll be hear from some of the greatest minds in People and Culture and be given tips and tools that can be immediately implemented at your organization.


We’re deep into the month now, and have had a ton of information fly at us. What works, what doesn’t, and how can I take this to my team to really show the power of what I’ve learned? We get it, these are the questions you might be thinking. At NoW Innovations, we’re going to put together a one-pager that covers what we heard and will give you an action plan on how to implement what we feel are some of the best ideas we’ve heard over the past two weeks. 1 page. 1 tool. 1 simple solution. Thats it!


Watch out – here comes the final blast of information! At NoW Innovations, we are on the road weekly, speaking multiple times a month, and learning from thousands of people each month. What we’re going to do is consolidate everything we’ve learned and give it to the community. How? Think Ellen meets ESPN. Our ‘talk show’ style presentation will discuss everything we’ve learned and be ready for you to watch at you’re leisure, whenever you like!

Be the solution. Have your voice heard!