Combined, Rocky and Eric have been on over 200 stages around the world,
featured in publications and journals across the continent,
and are regularly featured on radio and television. 

Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW of Work

Signed by the National Speakers Bureau in Canada, Eric has had the pleasure of speaking across the country, into the United States, and into Europe as well. His message, while universally accepted and appreciated across sector and industry, is tailored to ensure that every member of the audience is respectfully challenged and left with a series of takeaways that can be implemented with ease.

Rocky Ozaki

Co-Founder, NoW of Work

Rocky is a veteran in the HR space. He has coached, trained, and developed leaders across the country with strategies and tactics designed to elevate organizational capabilities, team member engagement, and overall happiness in the workplace. Rocky is a multi-time presenter for Disrupt HR and Social HR Camp, a regular on the MacKay Forum circuit. Rocky has transformed cultures of all sized companies across numerous industries in Canada.


Presentations Topics

The Future of our Workforce

The World Economic Forum says we are now entering the fourth Industrial Revolution, one where we no longer are taking steps, but leaps forward. Considering exponential integration of technology and accessibility of information being greater now than ever before, what stories are we telling to attract the right candidates to the workforce? More so, how are we finding purpose in the work we do and happiness in the lives we live? In his presentation, Eric talks about the importance of community and belonging at work. The conversation about the future of work is bigger than Millennials and generations, and spans wider than technology and workplace aesthetic- it is about people and creating a life each of us can enjoy living through the work we do.

Bringing Together Generations in the Workplace

Today there are up to five generations in the workplace. With increased technological integration combined with different levels of technological competency, how can we get the most out of our people? How can we increase collaboration and engagement in the workplace? In this presentation, Eric discusses communication and collaboration in the workplace. He talks about the shifting nature of work and the environment needed for an integrated workplace.

People Relations: The New PR

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing focus on culture in the workplace and the struggle to attract the right people and keep them on board for longer than a year or two. With marketing being focused usually on the product, and HR usually being about benefits, vacation, recruiting, etc. the future of talent attraction must be about radical transparency, authenticity, and most importantly, people. This presentation talks about the changes needed to differentiate companies from each other and market our strongest assets: our people.

Redefining Success

In this presentation, Eric talks about his small town roots and how success can mean many different things to different people. As he ties his story back to numerous experiences throughout his life, he sheds light on a new way to think about goal-setting, success and the ever long search for success and happiness.

Choosing & Educating for the Right Career

With the next generation set to have 10-14 jobs by the time they’re 40, and the number of students enrolled full-time in university having more than doubled since 1980, what do students need to know to get the most out of their education as they prepare for the workplace? Alternatively, how can we educate students to ensure future success? In this presentation, Eric provides a fresh perspective on education and the path the working world. Pulling from experiences as Students’ Union Vice President and Class Ambassador, Eric offers up a Millennial’s point of view on moving through the education system. He provides educators key questions to ask and things to consider while educating the next generation.

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DisruptHR YVR – Rocky Ozaki


Eric Termuende on Millennial Engagement


Eric Termuende Highlights

Eric Termuende at Acetech 2017

Eric Termuende at Acetech 2017

Eric Termuende on Finding Happiness in a Job

Eric Termuende at Acetech 2017

Eric Termuende on Finding Happiness in a Job

Leadership in a Multigenerational Workforce: Bridging the Gap to Drive Impact

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